Brave Little State of Vermont- President Coolidge


“Vermont is a state I love.
I could not look upon the peaks of Ascutney,
Killington, Mansfield and Equinox
without being moved in a way that no other scene could move me.
It was here that I first saw the light of day;
here I receive my bride;
here my dead lie,
pillowed on the loving breast of our everlasting hills.


I love Vermont because of her hills and valleys,
her scenery and invigorating climate,
but most of all because of her indomitable people.
They are a race of pioneers who have almost beggared themselves to serve others.
If the spirit of liberty should vanish in other parts of the union
and support of our institutions should languish
it could all be replenished from the generous store held by the people
of this brave little state of Vermont.”


Coolidge's remarks were well received in 1928 and in the following days as his remarks were published in Vermont newspapers. The last line, "this brave little state of Vermont," received the most notice, and became a popular moniker for the state, showing up in speeches and toasts by Democrats and Republicans alike. It was echoed by many in the wake of disastrous floods caused by Hurricane in 2011. The last four lines of the speech can be found incised in marble in the Hall of Inscriptions at the Vermont State House. The speech is also inscribed at his birthplace, the Calvin Coolidge Homestead District in Plymouth Notch.


 (Calvin Coolidge, September 21, 1928 in Bennington, Vermont)