Jane A. Blakely Stickle

Jane Stickle was a seamstress extraordinaire and a mathematical genius!

Records indicate that Jane was born in Shaftsbury, Vermont on April 8, 1817. She spent her childhood here and joined the Baptist Society in Shaftsbury, Vermont on April 7, 1839. Ms. Jane Blakely married Walter Stickle from Hillsdale, New York in 1841. While living by herself in 1860 Jane Stickle started work on this remarkable quilt which she finished in 1863.

Jane Sickle’s quilt is world renowned for its authentic artistry and highly skilled craftsmanship. To this day, she has fans from as far as Japan, New Zealand, California and right here in our town of Shaftsbury –The Quiet Valley Quilters.  Annually, in conjunction with our local Quilt Show in September, the Bennington Museum places her quilt on display.  The magnificent quilt contains a remarkable total of 5,602 pieces, consisting of 169 five inch square blocks, and more than 100 triangles surrounded by a unique scalloped border. Some of the blocks are traditional but others are of original design.  The fabrics show a fairly comprehensive selection of Civil War (1861-1865) era materials and a vast array of mathematical principles

Jane Blakely Stickle died in Shaftsbury at nearly 79 years of age on March 2, 1896. The house which she lived in still exists today and is on Route 7A across from the Shaftsbury Historical Society (Governor Galusha’s Homestead) building and her grave is located in the Center Shaftsbury Cemetery. Jane’s monument there was made possible by donations from the Dear Jane Quilters all over the world and replaced her decaying gravestone over 100 years later to commemorate her contribution to the art of quilting on April 8, 1999.

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