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A letter from Mitchell Race President, for the Board

posted Mar 18, 2014, 10:03 AM by Ben Leslie   [ updated Mar 18, 2014, 11:43 AM ]

                                                                                                                                               March 2013

Dear Friends,

The Shaftsbury Historical Society enjoyed a fun 2012 with events held at the Baptist Meeting House, the Governor Galusha Homestead and the Methodist Church in town.  With the help of the Board and friends of the Society, the Historical Society Museum continues to take shape. But, a lot still needs to be done.  Work on the Baptist Meeting House, as well as the Governor Galusha Homestead, needs to be completed.  There is never enough time in the day.

A full 2013 looks to be in the works.  We will be kicking off the season with a social on April 14th.   Stop on by the Governor Galusha Homestead and see what’s up.  On June 22nd join the Shaftsbury Historical Society, Bennington Historical Society and Bennington Museum on a Bus trip to Historic Deerfield.  This looks to be an enjoyable adventure.  On August 25th the Annual Chicken Barbecue will once again be held at the Governor Galusha Homestead.  Seth Bongartz, Director of Hildene, will give a lecture on President Lincoln while the chicken is cooking.   We are looking to eat around 4 pm.  On September 7th the Society will bring together a Colonial Muster and Harvest Fest.  This looks to be of the same scope as last year’s Colonial Day with fun for all ages.  To end the season Phyllis Chapman will impersonate Clara Barton and demonstrate Civil War Medicine on October 20th.

Work continues with the planning for the ‘Eagle Square’ Museum.  The RFP is 85% complete and is getting ready to go to the Board for review.  The Society has been in contact with the Preservation Trust and presented them with a new architectural drawing with the changes requested.  Many more steps need to occur before we actually start renovation of the “barn” but we are moving forward.  As part of this year’s membership form you can contribute directly toward the Eagle Square Museum fund.  We are going to try to raise money and get all permits this year for a spring 2014 renovation start.

Any and all input is important to our success!  Donations and volunteerism are always welcome and appreciated.  Our Board consists of dedicated and caring individuals who volunteer their time and energy endlessly for the Town of Shaftsbury and the Historical Society.  Protecting Shaftsbury’s historic treasures is a task we take seriously.  We have a new genealogist, Laura Marchese, who is willing to assist in genealogical research.  Kathy Link has joined the Board as well.  When submitting your membership please include your email address.

Look for information concerning these events in the local newspapers, Chamber News and the Shaftsbury Historical Society web site: We can also be reached by email at

Respectfully Submitted,

Mitchell R. Race

President, for the Board